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This guide is meant to give you a quick basic understanding of how to publish content on Radio Free.

First Steps

How to Submit Content

  • Login to Radio Free
  • Add an New Post by clicking "Posts > Add New" on the sidebar
  • Once you have written your post, add any appropriate tags and other meta data, than click submit.
  • Submitted posts will be reviewed by editors before being published to the site.

For help with understanding how to use WordPress to create posts, please visit The Official WordPress Editor support page.

Common Misunderstandings

We use WordPress as our publishing platform. But it's often a bit confusing to first-time contributors, because WordPress has a few products that share a similar name. WordPress.com (dot com) is different from WordPress.org (dot org), and more importantly, you should only use radiofree.org to publish your content. The only way to publish content on radiofree.org is by using the steps on this page. Visiting WordPress.com or WordPress.org will help understand how to publish content on any website that uses WordPress as the Content Management System (CMS), but will not submit your postings to radiofree.org unless you are on our site.