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Radio Free is a hub for independent journalism that never takes money from corporate interests, which ensures our publications are in the interest of people, not profits. Since 2010, Radio Free (rf) has published more than 150k articles which show the daily headlines in a new light- focusing on the most under-reported stories of the day. The rf news-wire has helped inform millions people worldwide and continues to evolve to serve the needs of communities around the world.

We support independent journalists by creating open-source tools and tactics anyone can use to publish and spread their own perspectives of the world. We encourage anyone to use our tools as a force for good to help better inform their communities. We believe that communities are empowered when their individual and collective voices can be heard.


Early Years[edit]

Between 2006 and 2009, a group of art students at Maryland Institute College of Art in Baltimore, MD started a community radio station, which inspired the creation of Radio Free in 2010. The community radio station represented the Bolton Hill community in Baltimore, and broadcast on 106.9 FM with a mixture of news, music, and other programming.

Savannah, GA[edit]

Savannah, GA was the site of the second Radio Free broadcast location, between 2009-2013.

Barcelona, ES[edit]

Radio Free was on the air between 2010-2012.

Tucson, AZ[edit]

Tucson, AZ was the site of the third Radio Free broadcast location, between 2013-2017, and remains the headquarters for the organization.[edit]

Radio Free's website for news, music and culture was started in 2010.

Radio Free was officially established in 2011 as a news aggregate for quality sources of information and news. The original idea was to provide a diverse newswire so that news could easily be digested and disseminated, all on a central platform.